Founder/Chief Executive Loyalty HR

Kenneth holds a Master’s degree in Legal Studies and a BSc in Human Resources Management.

Kenneth is an inspirational leader with over 15 years’ experience with a blend of Operations and Human Resource experience in the Humanitarian and Private sector arena.  He brings a talent of building teams, inspiring excellence and generating results.  He is a relationship driven professional who promotes and empowers teams to deliver unprecedented results.

Kenneth also has a passion to help businesses with strategic positive results. He has partnered and added his expertise to a multitude of human resource strategies ventures including employee life cycle, negotiation of legal contracts, settlement of associate arbitration, and right sizing the business through top-down yearly company road map strategy sessions. He collaborates with the executive management teams to lend his creative HR thoughts, which enhances a balance of what is good for the business along with what is good for the associate.


  • Translates vision and strategies into tangible actions and plans.
  • Reassesses priorities in response to additional requests.
  • Demonstrates focus and discipline in achieving goals.
  • Engages appropriate resources to make timely and effective decisions to execute plans effectively and efficiently.
  • Stays abreast of emerging industry and market trends.
  • Challenges current thinking and drives continuous improvement.
  • Reinforces change messages across teams and helps others adapt to different ways of doing business.
  • Maintains a deep network of external contacts and encourages employees to maintain and develop their own networks.
  • Provides necessary information and resources to internal teams to ensure commitments to stakeholders are met.
  • Creates a climate in the firm for exchange and collaboration internally.
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