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HR administration managed for you:

Loyalty HR is an all-inclusive HR Service that provides you with the freedom to operate your business efficiently and effectively.

As your business grows you need the ability to maintain and manage your business and to do what you do best …running your business.

Loyalty HR will plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of your organization. We oversee the recruitment, interviewing, and hiring of new staff; we consult with top executives on strategic planning; and serve as a link between your organization’s management and your employees. See below for a comprehensive list of what we offer.

Your business will have access to:

Human Resources

Loyalty HR is here to help you step up your HR management, not to step on your HR department’s toes but to compliment. We limit employer-related liability by allowing us to handle your government reporting, agency interface, and unemployment claims management and wage claims and audits.

Benefits Administration

At Loyalty HR, we can set up a benefits administration package that will benefit you and your employees. Having access to quality healthcare and employee benefits are significant attractors to obtaining and retaining a quality work force. Additionally, they create an energized and satisfied workplace, producing greater profits and increasing your bottom line. By working together, we can tailor fit an insurance program for all your company’s needs and help educate your employees on how to get the most from their benefits. From enrollment to claims, Loyalty HR will handle all the paperwork and administration. We’ll free you from the stress and hassle of managing this often-overwhelming task. Our benefit administration options are tailored to your unique requirements:

Risk Management

Safety is a top priority in any human resource department, and Loyalty HR can ensure a safer workplace and controlled workers’ compensation costs. From designing a custom plan to implementing it at your business, we will deliver favorable results and minimize unwanted risks. Consulting Claims Management assistance and investigation and pursuance of fraudulent claims are among the many services provided by Loyalty HR.

Our Risk Management services include the preparation and assistance with Workers’ Compensation hearings and coordinating a viable Return to Work program. Loyalty HR is dedicated to minimizing your business’ human resources risks as well as keeping the safety of your employees as a top priority.

Payroll Services

Ever wonder how much time and money your business could save if you didn’t have to toil over time-consuming payroll services? Loyalty HR wants to show you how much more productive and profitable your company can be with our experts accurately and efficiently running your payroll services. Tax forms, audits, payroll reports; we take on all the responsibility and make sure your payroll is both timely and efficient.

Loyalty HR handles all your employment verification needs to ensure your company is in compliance with the national laws of Liberia. The only payroll question you’ll find yourself asking is “Is it payday already?”

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