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Keeping the corporate community up-to-date:

Loyalty HR is delighted to host events to keep the corporate public up-to-date on current important human resources concerns.

Supercharge your knowledge in 2019 with some of the best events in HR and L&D Knowledge Sharing Events. Professional HR and L&D events are a great way to give you a boost as they provide the chance to develop new skills and to grow your professional network. They are also great fun. You will meet like-minded professionals who you can swap stories with and pick up handy tips from. Creating better workplaces starts with a commitment to excellence. Your role at the intersection of people and business presents unique challenges and opportunities. Pressing issues facing society at large are showing up at work. Our events delve deep into real workplace issues and serve to help you navigate sensitive and sometimes polarizing issues effectively. Technology and innovation continue to change the landscape of work we operate in which is continually becoming a closely interconnected world. Gone have the days when you can view your business HR and L&D from a single local viewpoint Liberia is part of a much bigger global interconnected world.

Please check frequently on our website for list of new events. We typically open registration for an event a month or more before its scheduled delivery date. Our email subscribers are the first to hear about our open registration for our events.

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